Extended information on the use of cookies
In compliance to Article 13 of the Legislative Decree n.196/2003 (Regulation for the protection of personal data) and provision by the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data on the subject of “Identification of simplified methods for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies - 8 May 2014”, Alessandro Rosso S.r.l. is hereby providing an extensive informational regarding the cookies installed on the website

What are cookies?
Cookies are data created by a server and memorised in a text file on the hard disk of the user’s computer, tablet or smartphone, which provide information on the use of the website, behaviour and preferences. Cookies can be memorised in a device in a permanent manner and have a variable lifetime (so called Persistent cookies) or can disappear once the browser is closed or have a limited lifetime (so called Session cookies). Cookies can be installed by the website visited (so called Cookies) or by other websites (so called third party cookies).

Which cookies are used in this Site and why
Technical Cookies
These kind of cookies are necessary for the correct functioning of certain areas of the website.
The cookies of this category include both persistent cookies as well as session cookies. In absence of such cookies, the website or some parts of it can not function properly. Thus, these are always used, independently from the preference of the user. The cookies in this category are always sent by our domain.

Analytical Cookies

These kind of cookies are used to collect information on the use of the website. The Owner uses such information for statistical analysis, to improve the website and to simplify its use, apart from monitoring its correction functioning. These kind of cookies collect information anonymously on the activity of the users in the website and on the way in which they have reached the website and the pages visited. Cookies of this category are sent by the same website or from third party domains.
It is not necessary to obtain consent by the user for the use of analytical cookies. It is however possible to disable the same through the chosen preferences.

Functional or Third Party Cookies

A user can also receive different cookies from websites or web servers about the website on the terminal (eg. “third party” cookies), since on the site there may be elements such as, for example, images, sounds, specific links to websites of other domains can be present which reside on different servers from those on which the page is found, thus, can be sent to the browser of the user, directly by third parties from their websites.

This website has no control on third party cookies and on how these use the relative information.

Technologies similar to cookies

Web beacon

E-mails in HTML format by Alessandro Rosso S.r.l., use Web beacons, together with cookies to gather information regarding the use of the website and the interaction with the user. A Web beacon is an electronic image, called “single pixel (1x1)” or "Clear GIF". Web beacons can recognise some kinds of information on the computer as cookies, the time and date in which a page has been visited and the description of the page where the Web beacon has been placed. Web beacons in e-mail messages can be disabled avoiding to download the images contained in the message received (this function depends on the kind of electronic post software used on the user’s computer). All this however does not always disable a Web beacon or another automatic data gathering tool in the e-mail message, and this depends on the specific functions of the software. For further information on this, kindly refer to the information supplied by the electronic post software manufacturer or from the service provider. If the user decided to receive e-mail marketing or newsletters from this site as specified in the privacy policy, Alessandro Rosso S.r.l. can automatically collect personal information on the user. For example, through personalised Web beacons and URL inserted in such e-mails or newsletters, Alessandro Rosso S.r.l. can register whether the user has opened such messages or has clicked on the links contained within. For further information on the Web links incorporated, kindly consult

How to modify settings about Cookies directly through one’s browser

It is also possible to disable the cookies memorised on one’s hard disk by accessing the browser section dedicated to this. To do this it is possibile to follow specific instructions for the browser utilised:

If none of the above are used, select “Cookies” in the appropriate section of the guide to discover where the cookie folder is located.

If the user does not want to receive Google Analytics cookies this can be done by connecting to the page

If the user wants to know more about Google Analytics cookies the following website can be consulted

If the user wants to know more about cookies in general the following website can be visited

If the user wants to know more about behaviour advertising and on-line privacy the following page can be consulted or the page

Owner and supervisor for the use of data
The owner of the use of data is Alessandro Rosso Incentive s.r.l.
Registered office: Viale Fulvio Testi 121, 20162 - Milan – Italia.
It is possible to request an updated list of supervisors by contacting the owner at the above mentioned address.

Limitations on the communication and circulation of personal data
The data acquired through cookies are treated by personnel and collaborators of the owner and by companies of the same Group, as Supervisors and Designates for the use and technical and organisational service providers, as Supervisors of Use.
The data acquired using cookies can be transferred abroad, even outside the EU, however guaranteeing all necessary protection. The data will not be diffused in any way.

The user's rights
At any moment, it will be possible to request and obtain the cancellation, anonymous transformation, the copy, update, correction, integration or the opt-out of the treatment of data in violation of article 7 of the Legislative Decree n.196/2003. At any moment, it will be possible to oppose to the use of personal data for commercial and marketing reasons, as well as opposing, for legal reasons, to the treatment of the same for other uses.
So as to exercise one’s rights it is possible to send written communication to the above mentioned legal office of the Owner, that is to write to the following e-mail address: