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EXPO Milano 2015 launches call for international tenders for the design of Padiglione Italia

Following the presentation of the creative concept developed by Marco Balich a few weeks ago, on Friday, 30 November, a call for tenders to design Padliglione Italia for Expo 2015,  the Universal Exposition scheduled to be hosted in Milan from 1 May to 31 October 2015, themed Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, was launched. 

Inspired by the concept of Vivaio Italia (Italy nursery), i.e. a place in which ideas and talents are germinated, and represented by a Tree of Life, i.e. a primordial generating force, Padiglione Italia, will consist of four spaces overlooking the “Cardo”, i.e. the paved walkway connecting Piazza d’Acqua in the north to the square located in Via d’Acqua in the south, and by a fifth area that will host Palazzo Italia.

"The Italy Pavilion, comprising Palazzo Italia and the Cardo area, will not only serve as a showcase for our country’s national economic system but also as a bridge between the best that Italy and the rest of the world have to offer”, commented Diana Bracco, General Commissioner of Padiglione Italia and President of Expo 2015 Spa. 

The areas of the “Cardo” are destined to host a multiplicity of activities, both in terms of displays and institutional initiatives, targeted at representing the variety and wealth of Italy with its different local and regional identities. On the contrary, Palazzo Italia, will act as the institutional and representative headquarters of both our country and the Italian Government, but also as an events area, a hospitality area and a stopover for visitors who, on accessing the site, will have a chance to sample an array of different local and regional food, thanks to an excellent restaurant with a panoramic view over the entire Expo site. 

As regards drafting of the project, a call for an international tender, targeted at designers, has been online since 30 November. The deadline for application is 14 January 2013, (and involves filling out an online form); conversely, the deadline fixed for consignment of the projects is 20 February 2013. The maximum fee envisaged for construction of the works is 40 million euros.

The winning project, selected by a jury consisting of 5 members nominated after the expiry date of the competition, will receive a prize of  € 276, 345,33, of which 60 thousand euros will be allocated as prize money for winning the design competition, while the rest will be allocated as the balance for implementation of the preliminary design following approval of the project.  The runner up will receive a prize of 30 thousand euros while the candidate coming in at third place will receive a sum of 15 thousand euros.

The tender will be awarded by and not later than 31 March 2013 and the executive project will be approved by  31 July 2013 given that the building site is scheduled to open on 1 November of the same year.

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