16/10/2013Expo 2015

Expo 2015: launch of the digital register of Italian hospitality facilities

Thanks to the agreement between ENIT - Agenzia nazionale per il Turismo and Expo 2015, within the framework of the Agenda Digitale project, i.e. the process of digitizing the country, the Government has announced the launch of a digital register of hospitality facilities.

The aim of the new tool is not only to pursue the technological development of the country to guarantee access and interaction between systems, but also to re-launch the domestic tourist industry, especially in view of the Universal Exposition of 2015 which is slated to attract more than 20 million visitors to Italy.

The digital register, promoted by ENIT, will be a dynamic, customizable virtual catalogue of all facilities, developed in accordance with international digital standards. All facilities, even the smallest ones, will be listed with their offers and references to their sites and will be available, above all, on the tablets and smartphones of visitors to Expor, prior to and during their stay.

The digital register of the Italian tourist offer will be a part of the EO15 digital ecosystem, i.e. the project resulting from the collaboration between Expo 2015 SpA, and Confindustria, the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Confcommercio, Assolombarda and Unione del Commercio, which foresees the integration of local services for visitors to Expo through the creation of a digital environment of open cooperation thanks to the development of integrated software applications.

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