26/11/2013Expo 2015

Alessandro Rosso Group is the first Authorised Reseller of Expo 2015

Alessandro Rosso Group is the first group in the world to have signed a contract with Expo 2015 to sell packages with tickets for this Expo in Italy and abroad, as Authorised Reseller.

Alessandro Rosso Group
acts as a reference point for Expo Milano 2015, through an active network in 30 countries worldwide. With the brand ARI - Alessandro Rosso Incentive, is the market leader for Incoming in Italy in the MICE - Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events, it operates in China with two offices in Shanghai and Beijing and under the brand name Best Tours Italy is active in the world of tour operating.
Alessandro Rosso Group strongly believes in Expo Milano 2015 and is committed to sell hundreds of thousands of packages to Milan and throughout Italy. In 2010 he had already assumed the role of Travel Partner of Expo Milan 2015 Expo Shanghai, and today reaffirms its commitment to becoming the first group in the world to have signed a contract with Expo 2015 to sell packages with tickets for this Expo in Italy and abroad, as Authorised Reseller.
Alessandro Rosso Group today has the ability to sell travel packages, events, incentives, tours complete with entrance ticket for Expo Milano 2015 and will do so in more than 30 countries, including China, Brazil, Argentina, the United States, Russia, and Europe thus ensuring wide media coverage and resale Expo in these countries. It is expected that it will come from China alone more than 800,000 tourists, including 50,000 considered at the high end of the market.
Up to today, Alessandro Rosso Group, through agreements with local tour operator, is in direct contact with more than 350,000 people interested in planning a trip to Europe with the center Expo Milano 2015: among these, about 150,000 require a trip to Italy that includes a visit in several cities, including Turin, Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, Palermo, Cagliari and Genoa and of course Milan itself.
“We are extremely pleased and honoured to have signed the first Authorized Ticket Reseller agreement with a group as important as the Alessandro Rosso Group. The choice of top-level Italian and foreign interlocutors is a key element of the Expo 2015 strategy. We want to involve Tour Operators, organizations and businesses active in the Tourism and ticket distribution industry, to sell entrance tickets to the Universal Exposition, also making them available for combinations with other value added services and products. It is only through collaboration and a network of tourist relationships in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world that we will be able to achieve the goal that we have set ourselves, namely the influx of 20 million visitors” explained Piero Galli, General Manager Event Management Division di Expo 2015 S.p.A.

"It's a great honor for us to have concluded this agreement with Expo Milano 2015 and be protagonists of an event of this magnitude, it will have repercussions on the whole economy of our country. To be involved in working with over 30 countries in the world, which already working with us for a long time, confirms the internationality of a big project like Expo Milano 2015” comments Alessandro Rosso, President of Alessandro Rosso Group.

“Best Tours Italy, flanked by 6,500 Italian travel agencies that sell its products, will be released soon with a product and catalog dedicated to Italians to enjoy the event Expo Milano 2015 “ declares Marco Cisini, AD of BestTours Italia.

The Alessandro Rosso Group has appointed two dedicated resources, Elisa Rosso as Expo Institutional Relations Manager, and Silvio Barbetta as Expo 2015 commissioner. Barbetta will coordinate a team created ad hoc for this purpose  and will be in charge of the promotion and marketing of products for Expo as well as relationships with the commissioners of participating countries.


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