6/11/2013Expo 2015

Expo Milano 2015, an entirely green concept

Expo Milano 2015 aims to be the first Universal Exposition based on the so-called green economy. A challenge that is an integral part of the project that we are developing” commented Giuseppe Sala, Managing Director of Expo 2015 S.p.A, during the presentation of the GreenItaly Report, issued a few days ago at the headquarters of  Expo 2015 in Milan.

Developed by Unioncamere and Fondazione Symbola, the GreenItaly report highlights the most outstanding features of national green economy, demonstrating how this is the driving force behind the country’s economy. In fact, positive data for the industry both in terms of turnover and jobs emerged from the report. For example, the survey underscores how companies that have made green investments prove to be stronger abroad, or that in Italy, 49% of agricultural holdings have introduced energy and water saving procedures.

There is no doubt that this is the only direction that Expo 2015 can take. “As mentioned in the GreenItaly report, we are an active, enterprising country intent on safeguarding the future of our planet. This is the message that Expo 2015 must convey and transmit. The promotion of procedures related to environmental sustainability, as required by the final Declaration of Rio+20, is a key element as regards the legacy that the Universal Exposition of 2015 will bequeath to the world” underlined Giuseppe Sala.

In fact, in addition to equipping the city with state-of-the-art energy infrastructure and telecommunication systems boasting a low environmental impact, the company responsible for managing the Universal Exposition has introduced eco-sustainable criteria into its purchasing procedures and activities and has invited participating countries to do the same with, for example, the use of biodegradable disposable flatware, packaging made from recycled materials or the use of timber, obtained from sustainable forestry practices, to manufacture furniture etc. 

Bearing this objective in mind, SiExpo, an online platform where participants at the Universal Exposition can meet up with compliant companies that manufacture sustainable products, has been created.

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