11/12/2013Expo 2015

Expo 2015: launch of Explora for the promo-marketing of the integrated tourist system

Maximize, structure and promo-market the offer of the tourist system to increase the competitiveness and appeal of Milan and Lombardy as tourist destinations: this is the mission of Explora, the company designated by the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Unioncamere Lombardia, the Regione Lombardia and Expo 2015 presented yesterday in Milan.
According to general manager Josep Ejarque, the new Destination Management Organization (DMO), destined to become one of the most important heirs of Expo 2015, has been given the task of creating a “product-destination” (i.e. the summa of attractions, resources and services offered by the area) by exploiting the opportunities offered by the Universal Exposition to a maximum, as long as this has long-term repercussions.  
“Explora has the objective of organizing, co-ordinating and maximizing the tourist attractions of Milan and Lombardy by promoting them abroad.  It is an innovative driving force designed to support and provide assistance to businesses and institutions also on a national level” commented Carlo Sangalli, president of the Milan Chamber of Commerce.
 Explora will put together a list of the attractions (culture, art, enogastronomy, natural beauties, hospitality, services, human resources etc.) available throughout Milan and Lombardy, to create an integrated system to promote on international markets and among global tour operators.  
A portal designed to promote and market the tourist offer will shortly be up-and-running online. On the one hand, it will put local operators directly into contact with foreign tour operators and, on the other, it will enable visitors to purchase packages directly from operators without any form of intermediation.Explora will not compete with tour operators and agencies dealing with the sale of tourist packages. 
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