17/12/2013Expo 2015

Expo 2015 presents its official mascot designed by Disney and the first lots for pavilion construction are allocated

Not just one mascot but an entire family composed, to be exact, of 11 different fruits and vegetables (garlic, watermelon, orange and banana; together with fig, blue corn, mango, apple, pomegranate, pear and radish), real characters which, when rolled into one, will give life to the “face” of Expo, a smiling Arcimboldo-like figure in a cartoon version.   This then is the Expo mascot, designed by Disney Italia and presented on Sunday morning to an audience of children who were asked to choose the name of the characters.
In fact, the contest, targeted at children aged 4 to 14 residing in Italy, “Give the name that you like best! Give a name to the mascot and characters that you prefer” was posted on the Expo website for the assignation of the names of characters involved in the event. Winners will be given a chance to meet the creative team involved in development of the project. Products featuring the mascots will be on sale in time for Christmas 2014 and it is estimated that revenues accounting for EUR 150 million will be generated of which 5 to 10 million will go to Expo.
Conversely, yesterday the ceremony involving the allocation of the first 26 lots to countries participating in the Universal Exposition took place. This means that they can now proceed with the construction of their pavilions. China, France, Israel, Switzerland, Ecuador, Germany, Kuwait, the US, Saudi Arabia, Munich, Japan, Oman, Azerbaijan, the Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Hungary, Mexico, Austria, Chile, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Qatar and Romania will be the first countries to have access to the Expo grounds in order to set up their construction sites starting in January 2014. On the contrary, the three Corporate Participants ready to undertake activities will include  China Vanke, Case New Holland and the China Corporate Pavilion.
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