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EXPO Milano 2015: the ten Italian start-ups likely to reshape the future of the world

The 10 winning projects of Changemakers, the business acceleration program promoted by Telecom Italia and Expo Milano 2015 targeted at promoting the development of  10 business ideas capable of  changing the lives of 10 million people, were presented yesterday in Milan. The aim of the initiative is to make Milan and other cities in the world smarter, more liveable, more environmentally friendly, more supportive and more competitive.

The selection process involved more than 1,500 young people under 30 from 21 different countries, from whom the winning teams were chosen. In fact, the ten selected teams will take part in an acceleration program supported by Make a Cube, the first incubator in Italy entirely dedicated to innovative businesses with a high social and environmental impact.

The 27 young people involved in the projects selected will be accommodated in a temporary technological campus for 8 weeks from March to April where their task will be to create 10 innovative, sustainable start-ups.  At the end of this journey, the projects will be presented to potential investors and business partners able to possibly guarantee their implementation.

These are the 10 ideas destined to change the lives of millions of people:

- Orange Fiber: a wholly feminine project which, thanks to the use of nanotechnologies, creates fabrics and clothing obtained from citrus waste which, on coming into contact with the skin, releases health-giving vitamins.

- Fifth Element Project: the first web-based playful learning platform for autistic children with live remote assistance

- Tooteko: a platform that applies an audio tracker to objects, making any type of surface interactive and clickable. It can be equipped with an application for the visually impaired.

- Trail Me Up: a web service that offers virtual guided tours of places that can only be accessed on foot such as, for example, nature parks, deserts and forests.

- Smart Ground: a digital platform capable of tapping into the food and agricultural industry to make it more efficient and sustainable.  

 - Bircle: a mobile and web-based app that will enable people with motor disabilities to access specific guided tours tailored to suit their individual needs.

 - Recyproco: a social network that will allow for the exchange of objects,  encourage recycling and calculate the environmental and social impact of sharing.  

 - Brand Security: a digital tool designed to combat counterfeits that will enable users to verify whether goods are authentic thanks to a microchip equipped with NFC technology.  

 - Panpan: a social information platform that will enable people to use Twitter to ask questions and obtain real time responses from people actually present in a specific geographical area at the time that the request is made.

- Knock’nswap: a platform that can be used to exchange and sell goods, skills and time using either a web application for the management of online activities or dedicated physical spaces (knock corners) set up in stores throughout the city.

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