27/02/2013Expo 2015

Expo Milano 2015: Telecom unveils the Universal Expo’s Smart City App

The prototype of the Smart City App dedicated to Expo 2015 which will allow users to stay connected to the event and interact with the city of Milan, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology like Realtà Aumentata and Visual Search, was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress currently being held in Barcelona.

Developed thanks to a partnership with Telecom Italia, Smart City App is a tool that will provide information, about Expo 2015 including services and entertainment, participating countries, the urban and national environment, partners as well as all the players involved. Thanks to LTE new generation mobile connectivity networks and more advanced devices, the application will guarantee ongoing interaction with visitors who will thus have a chance to experience a number of innovative initiatives first-hand.

In particular, thanks to the intervention of specialized companies such as Telecom Design and Click‘n’Tap,  the first prototype of the application will enable users to see Milan as it is now and Expo 2015 tomorrow, combing real viewing with various forms of entertainment and multimedia content. Additionally, this application will allow for increased social interactivity, thanks to visual communication models (urban painting) and the creation of itineraries that can be shared with friends, with those who have enjoyed the same experiences or intend to do so (personal assistants).

“The Smart City App is proof of the strong technological imprint of the Universal Exposition that we are organizing. But not only: it gives voice to a new way of thinking and interacting with the different cultures and experiences that we hope to convey to the more than 20 million people expected to attend the event. Technology will not condition the life of the visitor but rather provide a visitor-friendly tool,” commented Giuseppe Sala, Managing Director of Expo 2015 S.p.A.

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