23/04/2013Expo 2015

On 16 May Milan’s Ramada Plaza will host a day in discovery of the opportunities offered to companies by Expo 2015

A day to gain insight into everything that Expo has to offer and to become a protagonist with your company:  this is the aim of Expo day organized by 2GD and agency Incentive Power&Events and its incoming Italy destination, scheduled to be held on 16 May at the Ramada Plaza in Milan.

The aim of the meeting is to offer companies indications on how to exploit the visibility provided by an event like the Universal Exposition of 2015 to a maximum and how to build communication in view of an event of this dimension.  

Communication experts, members of the meeting and events sector and representatives of Expo 2015 will be on-hand to answer these questions in order to shed light on the main themes related to the event.

To attend the meeting, make sure to register online at www.expo2015biz.it.

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