4/07/2013Expo 2015

Expo Milano 2015: a consortium of businesses to serve the creative needs of participating companies and countries

MCI, one of the major communication and event planning companies in the world with headquarters in Geneva and 48 office in 23 countries throughout the world has set up a consortium in conjunction with an additional four partners.  The  aim of the consortium is to serve the creative needs of countries and companies participating in EXPO Milano 2015, by offering them a comprehensive participation strategy that includes content management, design and construction of the pavilions, interior fittings, events planning and communication campaigns.

In addition to MCI, consortium partners will include Swiss companies Nussli and Dorier, the former specializing in pavilion and hall construction and interior fittings and the latter in sound techniques, videos and lights. The consortium has also signed a partnership agreement with Los Angeles-based BRC Imagination Arts, an international leader in the design, creation and production of innovative and immersive branded attractions, visitor centres, world-class museums and world expo pavilions and with SEC Relazioni Pubbliche e Istituzionali, one of Italy’s leading service communication companies.

“The Consortium represents a significant opportunity for the countries and large companies who are considering participating in Expo: in fact, here they will find one interlocutor boasting international experience capable of either creating turnkey projects or participating in the construction of parts of them” commented  Sophie Deletraz, head of MCI for the Expo project.

Thanks to its member partners, the consortium brings an impressive legacy of successful events to Expo 2015  including the Universal Expo of Shanghai in 2010 (the pavilions of Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Liechtenstein, Canada, the US and large companies including China Mobile, China Telecom and SAIC-General Motors), the  thematic Expo of Saragoza in 2008 (the pavilions of Switzerland, Austria and the “Water City”,) or the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing (Omega Pavilion), to mention just a few.

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