20/10/2014Expo 2015

Expo, the first Pavillion ready: the Czech Republic

Czech Republic pavilion
Czech Republic pavilion

The Czech Republic beats everyone on time, at least for the Universal Exhibition: it is in fact the first Country to complete the works on the structure of their pavillion for Expo Milano 2015.

Alena Seredova, official testimonial for the Czech Republic for Expo 2015, during the inaugural event, helped KOMA of Vizovice (CZ), the company responsible for the works, to fix symbolically the last pivot of the futuristic steel construction. The Czech Republic, though having applied for Expo 2015 of Milan only 18 months ago as the 123rd Country joining, hurried through and realised a high impact space.

At the inaugural event even the Czech Representative General Commissioner for Expo Milano 2015 Jiri Frantisek Potuznik, who reminded that the Czech Republic Pavillion will also be one of the first to be visited once entering the exhibition area: "Among the official participant Pavillions, the Czech one is the first that visitors will encounter enetering the site, which is found at the North-East extremity of the Decuman. It is important to emphasise that having built it up so fast did not mean we did not maintain high qualitative standard, offering a representative and attractive exhibition."

The Pavillion, though, also has an eco-friendly soul, because it was made with only 100 cubic metres of concrete and using extremely ecological construction solutions and of low environmental impact. The Czech Republic Pavillion with its clean lines meant to recall the tradition of the Bohemian functionalism, and will present in its interiors the exhibition Laboratory of Life thus contributing to the theme of Expo 2015 Feed the Planet. Energy for Life.

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