21/10/2014Expo 2015

Sicily, rehearsals for Expo and the Biomediterrean Cluster

Biomediterranean cluster
Biomediterranean cluster

Everything is being prepared in Sicily for Expo 2015. The Region, in fact, has the duty of co-ordinating the Biomediteranean Cluster, a role for which it has set to work.

The cluster will be an area of 7,304 metres squared, 2,625 of which will be dedicated to the Pavillions of the various Countries and 4,679 to Sicily. The visitors expected are 20 million, with an average of 15-20 thousand per day, with peaks of 37 thousand, 184 days of exhibition and threee events per day, for a total of over 500 events.

"For Sicily - Paolo Ezechia Reale, Regional Councillor for Agriculture, declared to Ansa, during the kermesse Taormina Gourmet - co-ordinating the cultural activities of eleven Countries in the Mediterranean is an occasion not to be missed. Our bet is to relaunch agriculture and fishing, but it is not only a message addressed to taste but also a cultural message, the expression of the territory, of its products with their history, with their properties even in terms of health. That on Expo is an investment which will change our future if managed correctly."

In the meantime, it was announced that the tenders for the Region to participate to Expo 2015 will be publised on the 31st October, with the aim of obtaining the maximum participation. To all those participating will be offered a series of services: from communication to streaming services, from personnel to the commercialisation of their products, from meetings b2b to the arrangement of relations among participating Countries.

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