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Expo in Town, already 7,000 events scheduled

Expo in town
Expo in town

The schedule is obviously continuously being updated, but to date the Co-ordination Committee of Expo In Town, a first selection, has approved over 200 initiatives which will give life to about 7,000 daily appointments such as exhibitions, concerts, shows, scientific conventions, festivals, fairs, agricultural-nutrional and social themed events, initiatives and public and private events in "Expo Special Editions".

Particularly significant is the interest shown even by various foreign Countries and Cities to be part of Expo in Town even though already present on the exhibition site. From France to China, from Austria to Japan to INdoensia; from Barcellona to Shanghai, frmo Melbourne to Birmingham just to name a few. And many other projects are on the way from the four cardinal points, for a widely spread Expo throughout the Great Milan. The directive team, created by the Council of Milan and the Chamber of Commerce to co-ordinate and promote the events offer, has thus concluded an initial phase of requests and selections. The job is not yet over and is continuously in progress, even through the identification of new public and private locations (500 to date) available for the set-up of events by the operators and for guided tours.

So as to group, simplify and digitise all the requets arriving from the operators, the Council of Milan has created the "Expo in Town Help Desk", which has the objective of improving and easing the relations between operators na dPublic Administration as far as authorisations procedures are concerned which today deal with different Sectors and Administrations of the Council. It will be operative from the 18th November. In the meantime, there is another news: expo in Town will also have a soundtrack, made purposely by Giovanni Sollima. A list of all appointments will be available online at expoincitta.com.

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