8/10/2014Expo 2015

Even Expo will have “its own” Martini Terrace

Terrazza Martini by Pininfarina
Terrazza Martini by Pininfarina

They united for Expo: Martini and Pininfarina, brands that represent Italian excellency in the world, and they present themselves together with a top project: the Martini Terrace by Pininfarina. The exclusive Terrace, that will be in the Italian Pavillion, will present a design and a concept which will perfectly coherent with the fundamental themes of the Universal Exhibition and in line with the Martini spirit.

"To be participants at Expo Milano 2015 with Martini makes us very proud. Two historic Italian brands united in the continuous research for excellency and quality will be able to communicate an brilliant image of Italy to the visitors coming from every part of the world" declared Paolo Pininfarina, President of the Group. The study of the Pininfarina team departed from four key elements - Food, Nature, Life and People - which trace the fundamental themes of Expo, so as to give life to a concept capable of expressing them through formal solutions that bring together tradition and innovation.

The Martini Terrace by Pininfarina will overlook Piazza Italy with a well studied entrance which will project immediately into the Martini world, with installations that will tell the story of the company, its Italian origins, its relation to the territory and the beauty and richness of its regions. The atmosphere has been studied in modular spaces in which will be possible to live fully the cocktail experience. The furnishings of the outlying area will be enriched with a rare and luxuriant vegetation.

The heart of the space will be the Martini Bar, interpreted according to the elegance and the functionality of Pininfarina. The guests of the Martini Terrace will also have a second bar available and various lounge areas, partly protected by a trellis, a typical coverage element for outdoor spaces, reinterpreted with a design of contemporary geometric lines and forms, and partly uncovered, so as to fully enjoy the magnificent view of the position.

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