19/11/2014Expo 2015

Expo: Coca-Cola presents its Pavillion dedicated to sustainability

Coca-Cola Pavillion
Coca-Cola Pavillion

The Pavillion with which Coca-Cola will participate at Expo Milano 2015, as Official Soft Drink Partner, has been revealed. For the occasion there was Giuseppe Sala, General Director of Expo 2015 S.p.A., and Kim Alexander, Coca-Cola General Manager for Expo 2015.

Among the pecularities of the Pavillion there is that of being recycable and renewable: it will be a 12 meter high parallelepipedon with a total surface of 1,000 meters squared, that will rise close to the Lake Arena, one of the four cardinal points at the extremities of the Cardo and Decumano. The external lateral wall, made of glass and wood reproduce the famous Coca-Cola logo and the Contour silhouette, the historic glass bottle of Coca-Cola, that will celebrate its 100 years in 2015. Videos will be projected on waterfalls, placed at the entrance and exit of the building, a roofing created respecting the canons of sustainability, the Coca-Cola Pavillion has been conceived with the space of a basketball court: at the end of the event, in fact, the building will have a second life as space dedicated to physical activities to the benefit of the local community.

"The Pavillion that Coca-Cola is building for Expo Milano 2015 - explained Giuseppe Sala - represents very well, with its architecture and its programme, the history of this brand, which has always been associated to a festive and sharing atmosphere, fundamental elements to make the visit to the Universal Exhibition pleasant. Here visitors will be able to live an involving and educational experience of strong impact." The Pavillion describes the framework in which the company will relate its model of sustainability, based on the promotion of active life-styles and balanced lifestyles, innovation of the product and of its packaging and the protection of the environment.

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