24/11/2014Expo 2015

Expo, Sala: “6,5 miliion tickets sold”

Giuseppe Sala
Giuseppe Sala

In the last weeks optimism is back for Expo, and this is confirmed even by statistics. 6.5 million tickets has already been sold infact worldwide for the Universal Exhibition. Moreover, a new entry has arrived, that of the Netherlands. And the Commissioner for Expo 2015 Giuseppe Sala is happy to deliver the positive news on the Milanese Universal Exhibition from the stage of the inauguration of the exhibition dedicated to the 50 years of the Pirelli Calendar at Palazzo Reale. Next to Sala was the Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia, who emphasised on the international vocation of the city.

At such a glamorous event, the spotlights were on not only on the femail beauty, but also and above all on the opportunities of Expo Milan. "I am very serene because we have caught up with the works, because we are selling a lot of tickets around the world and therefore at this moment we are plain sailing, and we need to take advantage of this and continue" explained Sala.

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