17/01/2014Expo 2015

Italy Expo 2015 Pavilion, here is the logo

EXPO 2015 logo
EXPO 2015 logo

After the Expo 2015 logo, even that of the Italian Pavilion has been revealed. A fresh symbol, obviously three-coloured, that recalls a budding germ and the values of national aggregation, the bringing together of a number of identities, each with its unique and characteristic identity. It embodies perfectly the concept of the pavilion, "Vivaio Italia" (Italian breeding ground or nursery).

The new logo, created by Carmi & Ubertis, who have also conceived and curated the declination of the Expo 2015 S.p.A. logo, has been presented yesterday at the Foreign Press Headquarters in Rome by Diana Bracco, General Section Commissioner for Padiglione Italia Expo 2015, and Marco Balich, Artistic Advisor to the Commissioner. "The freshness of our new image", emphasised Diana Bracco, "expresses in the best way possible the enthusiasm with which we are engaging in this highly demanding challenge of Expo 2015 and the pride with which we are preparing to strengthen Italy's role in the world. In this logo lies the concept that the future must be built with the contribution of everyone, that everyone must offer their best in the name of common interest. This is why, today, I am particularly satisfied to present this new image of the willingness to relaunch our Country."

Marco Balich, the artistic advisor of Padiglione Italia Expo 2015, adds: "The creative idea of the logo generates from the inspirational concept of Padiglione Italia, the nursery, the metaphor of a protected space that helps projects and talents to germinate."

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