15/12/2014Expo 2015

Expo, the Azerbajan Pavillion is a “treasure” of bio-diversity

Azerbaigian Pavilion
Azerbaigian Pavilion

The marvels of bio-diversity. This is at the base of the project concept and of the architectural development of the Azerbajan Pavillion for Expo Milano 2015. The presentation of the pavillion took place in the presence of Anar Alakbarov, Head of the Azerbajan Delegation for Expo Milano 2015 and the Director of Heyday Aliyev Center, and of Stefano Acbano, Manager Europe, Americas, BIE Relations and Programme Manager of the Participants Division of Expo 2015 S.p.A.

The Pavillion dedicated to Azerbajan has been designed and planned by Simmetrico, a network of creative experts in multimedia technologies founded by Daniele Zambelli, who has developed the Theme Statement "Azerbajan, Treasure of Bio-diversity". This Country in fact is considered one of the 25 hubs of bio-diversity in the world, and is the reason for which the Pavillion has been planned with great attention to environment and natural heritage.

"Out Country - declared Anar Alakbarov - is a wonderful hot sport of bio-diversity that hosts nine of the eleven existing climate areas in the world and offers an unexpected wealth of landscapes, flora and fauna." The architectural project is developed through a path of three biospheres in glass with double curvature, which symbolise the protection that the Country offers to the nature of the Planet which is to be safeguarded, whereas the multimedia installations will guide the visitor to the discovery of the Country and its spirit.

"The great effort that Azerbajan and the important synergies developed by the Country with Italian companies positioned the building site of the Pavilion among those in most advanced state of construction", says Stefano Acbano.

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