22/01/2014Expo 2015

Expo Milano 2015, the system controlling admissions has been revealed

Expo entrance
Expo entrance

Managing the entrance of over 20 million visitors expected from all over the world: this is the “difficult task” reserved for the innovative admission control system for the Universal Exhibition, that has been presented in Milan. According to estimates, in fact, during the six months of the event, an average of 140 thousand people will enter the exhibition gates daily. The project is designed by Came, among the leading home & building automation companies in Italy and worldwide. As technological partner of Expo Milano 2015, the company developed a specific model for the control of admissions for security control, for the command and control of pedestrian and vehicular entrance automated devices, for parking areas, for pavilions and all other infrastructures of the exhibition site to control the entrance of staff and visitors. The admission control system will have to deal with peaks of 250,000 visitors, such as expected in the first two hours of the inauguration of the Universal Exhibition.

This solution is part of the project Digital Smart City of Expo Milano 2015 and has been devised to anticipate territorial needs and to be left as a legacy to the city at the end of the event, as a state-of-the-art technological model of reference for urban structures and infrastructures.

The external entrances of the exhibition location will be controlled by 250 automated turnstiles, 40 of which have been designed to allow the entrance to physically impaired visitors. The project comes complete with the integration of automated sliding gates and road barriers, with 80 protective dissuasors, and the selection of external vehicle entrances. The integrated admissions control system will be also monitored by 100 handheld devices.

The highlight of the technological platform is the new turnstile, specifically designed for Expo Milano 2015, with the ability of reading every kind entrance ticket, printed formats, QR Code, RFID or NFC so as to allow the entrance of visitors and exhibitors even from mobile devices, using smartphones and tablets. Purposely designed to integrate with the technologies of all other partners of Expo Milano 2015, each turnstile will be installed with biometric reading software which will allow admission exclusively to qualified and certified personnel.


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