22/12/2014Expo 2015

Expo, what business for Italian and foreign companies

Expo Milan 2015
Expo Milan 2015

Expo is a very global event and at the same time very Italian. There are two objectives, helping the development of collaborations and partnerships among Italian and foreign businesses and give value to Italian excellence in the agroindustrial sector": these are the words of the MInister of Foreign Affairs, Paolo Gentiloni, who met the diplomatic representatives at the Farnesina for the conference Expo for businesses, an initiative aimed at promoting the business dimension of Expo 2015 as a privilged opportunity for meetings with economic operators. Not only: it is intended also to create a B2B platform capable to support the increasing role of the economic dimension connected to the Universal exhibitions.

“Expo 2015 is a great occasion for meeting between businesses and businesses and institutions, to show the quality and will for this Country to open up to the world notwithstanding the problems and difficulties that are present and that sometime can look bent over itself, but that it has an extraordinary potential and the energy to compete in the global world", added Gentiloni.

For Diana Bracco, President of the Expo 2015 company and General Section Commissioner for the Italian Pavillion, "With Expo 2015 Milan will be an enormous market place in the center of Europe", whereas Enzo Bianco, Mayor of Catania and President of the National Council of ANCI, announced that "there will be twinnings with large Italian cities of the Countries present at Expo."

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