4/12/2014Expo 2015

Alitalia and Etihad, a Social Hub for Expo

Alitalia and Etihad at Expo site
Alitalia and Etihad at Expo site

Alitalia and Etihad Airways have officially received by Expo 2015 Plot N.5, at Rho Milan, where the Pavillion of the two Official Global Airline Carriers of Expo Milano 2015 will be built. The Plot N.5 is found nex to Palazzo Italia, right in the heart of Expo 2015. Here the Pavillion of Alitalia and Etihad: a building of about 1,150 meters squared, articulated on two floors each of which of about 575 meters squared.

The ground floor of the Pavillion will become a proper Social Hub, open to all visitors of the Universal Exhibition. This area will have a high technological content and the guests will have the possibility of entering the world of social media, connecting with all the globe, as well as getting to know better the two companies with their destinations, their fleet, products and offers, apart from the main themes of the Universal Exhibition. The first floor will host a proper exclusive Lounge . Alitalia and Etihad will welcome their clients in an extra luxurious atmosphere. The Lounge will be accessible by the top clients of the two companies, apart from selected guests.

Always on the first floor of the Pavillion there will also be a meeting room which will be available of the guests to organise meetings in a comfortable, perfectly equipped and reserved environment. The building of the Pavillion is part of the partnership between Alitalia and Etihad as Official Global Airline Carriers of Expo Milano 2015.

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