14/02/2014Expo 2015

Italian Pavillion Expo 2015 and Explora: space for other Regions

Diana Bracco and Giuliano Noci
Diana Bracco and Giuliano Noci

The Italian Pavillion Expo 2015 and Explora S.C.p.A. have just signed an agreement which states that, through the Italian Pavillion, all the Regions and territories other than Lombardy, with Explora S.C.p.A,  will be able to benefit of the international promotional services of their touristic and cultural locations dedicated to the visitors of Expo Milano 2015.

This agreement has been signed by Diana Bracco, General Commissioner for the Italian Pavillion, and by Giuliano Noci for Explora S.C.p.A. According to this agreement an integrated offer will be presented to the Regions and their local administrations which will be able to benefit from the services package proposed by the Italian Pavillion together with the marketing and touristic promotion by Explora S.C.p.A. directed to promoted their image as a destination linked to Expo 2015.

The Italian Pavillion has thus enriched its offer of promotional services to all the Regions that will participate in the event. Explora S.C.p.A. commits to incorporate in its promotional and communications actions all the Regions and the local administrations that will adhere to the initiative. In this way, through the Pavillion and Explora, the whole Italian cultural and touristic offer can be represented in a single, prestigious showcase for all.

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