18/02/2014Expo 2015

Expo 2015, The United Kingdom joins the club

The United Kingdom at Expo 2015
The United Kingdom at Expo 2015

It is official: with the signing of the participation agreement, even The United Kingdom will be part of the Universal Exhibition of 2015. The theme of the British Pavillion will be "Grown in Britain, Shared Globally": with this message the Country wants to propose the best it has to offer in terms of research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The theme proposed by Expo Milano 2015 - "Nurture the Planet, Energy for Life" - is a global challenge. This is the reason why the United Kingdom will bring to Milan, together with its rich history, the technologies and scientific solutions necessary to deal with such a topic. Two elements will be the highlight of the Country: that modern Great Britain is extremely open, creative, variegated and collaborative; and that this unique mentality is generating worldwide excellencies that represent true turning points in agro-science, botany and in animal health, food safety and food and wine specialities. The British participation will not be limited to the exhibition within the Pavillion, a space of about 2,000 msq: the United Kingdom will offer an innovative experience to the physical visitors who will go to Milan nex year, but also to virtual visitors from all over the world. The aim is to initiate a lasting collaboration.

"Through the British Pavillion - said Lord Livingston, English Minister of Commerce - we will reach millions of people in the world and we will strengthen the positive view on the Country which we had conveyed at the Shanghai Expo in 2010 and at the Olympic Games in London in 2012". "The success of Expo 2015 - declared Hannah Corbett, General Commissioner of the United Kingdom - is important for Italy and for all those who are investing in this universal event. We are sure that Italy will created an exceptional Universal Exhibition. This is why we want to contribute fully to this success. It is a wonderful opportunity for Italy, for our Country and for all British creatives, economic system and research community so that we can show to the world what what we have been doing to contribute to the challenge of feeding the Planet."

"We are very satisfied of the high quality with which the United Kingdom will participate at the Universal Exhibition. - explained Giuseppe Sala, Delegate Commissioner to the Government for Expo Milano 2015 - The British interpretation of the theme mirrors perfectly the history of the Country which, in London, in 1851 hosted the first edition of this extraordinary event. Innovation, research and technology to better the world and the quality of life of people are the key words in this event, the true testimonial that Countries that have had the honour of hosting the event have passed each other. One mission that Expo Milano 2015 intends to respect and appraise, by inviting all the participating Countries to share experiences and knowledge to guarantee a better future for everyone." With the signature of Great Britain, the Countries attending the event have become 142.

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