28/02/2014Expo 2015

Estonia lands at the Expo: it brings nature, organic and creativity

Estonia pavillion
Estonia pavillion

Welcome Estonia. The young Northern European Republic has just signed the participation contract (the 95th) for Expo Milano 2015. The document has been signed by the Commissioner for the Government for Expo Milano 2015, Giuseppe Sala, and by the General Commissioner of the Country, Ahti Kuningas, Vice-Secretary General of the Communications and Transports Ministry and Manager of the Development of the Pavillion.

Estonia arrives in Milan setting up a pavillion of about 1000 msq, in which the dominant themes will be nature, organic food, creativity and the use of sustainable energy. "In our space, within Expo Milano 2015 - declared the Estonian General Commissioner Ahti Kuningas - we will present Estonia as a rapidly developing Country, in which it is possible to find a pure nature, organic food and experience both in the traditional and innovative sectors, including IT development. These will be the three pillars on which Estonia will base its presence in Milan, in 2015. The Estonian Pavillion, whose name will be "The Gallery of", will allow us to present Estonia as a Nordic Country, which is at the same time welcoming, democratic and open. All constructed in wood, a resource which our Country is very rich in, the "Gallery" space is thought out to invite the visitors to come in: it is structured in such a way that nobody has to wait in line at the entrance, on the contrary, it is open on three sides such as to allow everyone to follow the route that one prefers to discover the exhibition space. The exceptional thing is that it is a "green" project, sustainable, since the wooden components, at the base of the concept, will be subsequently unmounted one by one or in blocks to be reused in Estonia, for example, to build swings in children's parks".

The Estonian Pavillion forecasts to be particularly "lively": the visitors will be able to see exhibitions and concerts, tast local specialities in two restaurants set up within the exhibition space, but also see images of animals roaming free in nature, thanks to live streaming connections with webcams, and relax on confortable swings.

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