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Expo 2015 and Bit, united are stronger

Bit 2014
Bit 2014

The tourist value of Expo Milano 2015 will pass to the next edition of the International Tourism Exchange, which will be held from Thursday 13th February to Saturday 15th February at FieraMilano in Rho. A strategic partnership between two events of excellence. On one hand the Universal Exhibition of 2015 that has already over 140 participants between Countries and International Organisations, and on the other the relation and business platform of BIT, a reference point in Italy for the incoming market and the presentation of foreign destinations.

Bit 2014 and Expo 2015 will share the same venue of Milan, main economic and financial centre of the Country, capital of fashion and design “Made in Italy”, a city with a strong vocation for hospitality, where the 18% of the population belong to 150 ethinicities. At its 34th edition, Bit is the main Italian fair for professional tourism: all the roleplayers in tourism will be on show, such as tour operators, hotel chains, Regions, airlines, agencies, tourism authority, locations. Bit unites business and culture to promote, to a wide international audience, the best of Italy, its history, its culinary and wine and food traditions – food is a main theme around which the Universal Exhibition is developed.

Within this collaboration, Bit 2014 has dedicated great resources and commitment to develop strategic markets even for Expo Milano 2015. On the whole, the investment has doubled, attracting over 1,000 professional hosted buyers from 64 Countries and increasing the turnover; 54% are first time participants. As a common denominator was the provenance of the professional operators of the International Tourism Exchange and the target Countries of Expo Milano 2015, so that as many buyers coming from these Countries as possible are present at BIT 2014. The most substantial  rappresentations come from USA, Russia, UK, India, Brazil, The Netherlands, China, France, Spain and Canada.

Almost 500, among the buyers recruited, have already shown interest for the packages associated to the Universal Exhibition, such that a dedicated workshop has been created called BitBuyExpo2015. On these lines is also the focus on the business travel and Mice department, strengthened by the partnership strung with Alessandro Rosso, main Authorised Reseller of Expo Milano 2015.

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