5/02/2014Expo 2015

Explora, Mission China


Declared objective: to promote tourist products tailor-made for Chinese travellers. This is the commitment of Explora, the company established by the Milan Chamber of Commerce (45%), Unioncamere Lombardia (15%), Regione Lombardia and Expo 2015 S.P.A. (20% each), to manage the intergrated system for tourism.

The mission of Explora is to collect and enhance the offers already present on the territory, starting from the Milanese and Lombard ones, to promote them with the great international tour operators, and eventually will involve all the Country, even for lesser known destinations. An integrated system of reference to simplify our touristic proposals and promote them abroad by proposing culture, art, wine and food, natural beauties to aim at having longer and more articulate visits. Explora will be one of the main legacies of Expo 2015.

Twenty million visitors for Expo are a great goal, not to be taken for granted, that has to be won by promoting the attractiveness of our territory by everyone”, Declared Carlo Sangalli, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan. “For this reason we have formed, together with Regione Lombardia and Expo 2015, the company Explora, an innovative engine for the Milanese and Lombard tourist system. Today, at its debut in China, Explora aims to promote specific tourist products, sustaining and includig the activities of our operators.”

The statistics of Milan and Lombardy are very promising, as highlighted by the Chamber of Commerce: the businesses of this sector are 55 thousand, with 263 thousand authorised personnel and almost an 11 billion turnover. Following Milan with over 18 thousand companies are Brescia and Bergamo with 8,380 and 5,380 companies each respectively. The sector grows in the Region and passes from 54,109 companies to almost 54,769, almost 700 more in a year, and this is also a result of the Expo effect.

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