10/03/2014Expo 2015

Expo: The mascot has a name: it is called Foody

Foody, mascot of Expo2015
Foody, mascot of Expo2015

Foody is the official mascot for Expo Milano 2015. This is the name of the face that Disney Italia has created to represent the Universal Exhibition. The funny face has been "baptised" by the children who have proposed its name and by the commissioner for Expo Milano 2015 Giuseppe Sala. The mascot and the family of characters which will animate it - all in line with the theme of the Expo "Nurture the Planet, Energy for Life" - have been welcomed by the Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia and the President of the Lombard Region Roberto Maroni, who participated at the event.

"We are all pleased to meet Foody and his friends. - explained the Commissioner Giuseppe Sala - If using a friendly manner of communication and calling each other by name we get in direct contact with others, what we lived today represents a beautiful moment in the history of Expo Milano 2015. The mascot - added Sala - not only will be part of our daily routine, but it will gain a unique narrative and expressive power. The name chosen, Foody, embodies the values of the Universal Exhibition and fully respects the identity: it represents very well the sense of community, diversity which becomes unity that we want to transmit to visitors from all over the world, keeping always present that food, with its variety, is a sourse of life and energy." Apart from the name of the mascot, the identity of the other 11 characters has been also revealed.

But news from the Expo are not over yet: the official confirmation of the 143rd Country, Sudan, has just arrived. The African state has been offered to participate in teh Cluster of Agriculture and Nutrition in Arid Areas.

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