12/03/2014Expo 2015

Expo, with Grenada the quota of 144 Countries has been reached

Milan Expo Gate
Milan Expo Gate

The number of official participants at Expo Milano 2015 reached 144. Even the caraibic state of Grenada has announced the intention of participating at the Universal Exhibition. The confirmation from Grenada, which arrived through a verbal note by to the Italian Embassy in Caracas, represents a further proof of the value and the interest of the whole world in the Project Cluster. Known as the "Island of Spices", for being one of the main producers of spices in the region, Grenada will be invited to participate in the Cluster dedicated to "Islands, Sea and Food".

Just over a year from it's opening, the constant growth of participations to the project is an evident sign of the high level of attention given internationally to the theme "Nurture the Planet, Energy for Life".

In the meantime, an announcement has been made that the coming 10th May will be inaugurated Milano Expo Gate. The first pavillion which introduces the public to the Universal Exhibition. Located in the main center of the city, in Via Beltrami, it will remain set-up for the whole duration of the event. It will be the stage from which the identity of Milan will be told by interpreting the theme of Expo Milano 2015: Nurture the Planet, Energy for Life. A meeting place in the heart of the city open to everyone, Milanese and tourists and, symbolically, an entrance door to the world, the themes, the atmosphere of the Universal Exhibition a year from it's official inauguration.

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