19/03/2014Expo 2015

Roma Capitale at Expo 2015

Rome at Expo 2015
Rome at Expo 2015

Even Roma Capitale and the Lazio Region have said yes. During a conference at the Roman headquarters of FAO, the announcement was made by Eduardo Rojas Briales, the Vice-President of FAO and General Commissioner of ONU for Expo 2015, Diana Bracco, Section General Commissioner for the Italian Pavillion at the Expo Milano 2015 and President of Expo 2015 Spa, Ignazio Marino, Mayor of Rome and Nicola Zingaretti, President of the Lazio Region. 

The presence of the Lazio Region at Expo 2015 and particularly in the Italian Pavillion, will be connected to Roma Capitale and other institutions and associations on the territory, through a shared project. The agreement includes the attributions of a representative space for the exclusive use of the City of Rome and the Lazio Region during the whole semester of Expo 2015. The permanent exhibition space, of about 130 msq, will be hosted in the futuristic setting of Palazzo Italia. Within the services for internationalisation, assitance for the organisation and management of an international meetings and B2B schedule will be provided with the involvement of the main subjects and themes of interestthe Lzio Region and the City of Rome. Based on the agreement, Rome and the Lazio Region can use the Auditorium for 250 people for the organisation of four meetings. They will also have guaranteed two esclusive uses of the restaurant and panoramic terrace set up within the Italian Pavillion.

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