21/03/2014Expo 2015

Expo, women have more faith

Women and Expo
Women and Expo

As (almost) always, women are more optimistic than men. This happens also when the Expo is concerned: the positive ladies are 77% against a general perception in which, however, the trust of 66,8% of Italians is won. The most feminine sentiment is linked mostly to international partnerships (35.4% of women, but less than the average of the Italians at 54.3%).

The mostly felt feminine themes related to Expo are: event organisation (20.1% against an average of 11.5%),  eco-sustainability (16.9% against an average of 8.8%) and nutritional education (6.2% against 1.70%). These are results from a survey by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan carried out through Voices from the Blogs, spin-off of the Università degli Studi of Milan, which has examined thousands of posts related to Expo that have been published on social networks.

There are also other good news however: it is estimated in fact that for the 2012-2020 period, there will be a stunning 2.600 new feminine business in Italy that branched from the Universal Exhibition. Of these, half are in Lombardy and about a tenth in Milan. The prevailing sectors are hospitality (about 700 hotels and restaurants, a sector in which women already weigh in with about a third of the existing businesses), contruction and transportation (with 370 and 190, less feminine sectors in which women-led business are 7% and 11%), but also communication and leisure (360 and 105, more feminine sectors with 23% and 27% of the business being linked to women). These last statistics are the result of a research promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and the Expo 2015 company.

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