3/03/2014Expo 2015

Not by Bread Alone: the theme of the Holy See at Expo 2015

Vatican at Expo 2015
Vatican at Expo 2015

Even the Holy See will be at Expo 2015 with its own Pavillion. The protocol of participation has been signed at the Vatican in the presence of Cardinale Gianfranco Ravasi, General Commissioner of the Holy See, and Giuseppe Sala, Commissioner Delegate of the Government for Expo Milano 2015.

The theme inspiring the Pavillion will be "Not by Bread Alone - Non di solo pane". The title has been chosen, explained the Cardinal, "to highlight mostly the interior, religious and cultural dimension that touches the person, and his relations at all levels. The interior nutrition is as necessary as that of our most immediate needs". From the universal value of sharing and solidarity to the protection of the resources of the Earth which should not be wasted or plundered, the Pavillion of the Holy See will promote a deep reflection on the concept of "nutrition" hosted by Expo Milano 2015. The Pavillion of the Holy See will use themes and events of cultural and artistic nature as its structural elements, apart from the spiritual and religious.

There will be four main areas of interest on which the reflection will be concentrated, and therefore, the design and set up of the Pavillion: A garden to guard; A nurishment to share, in which the universal value of sharing and solidarity will be emphasised; A meal that educates, to form young generations in a culture of human relations based on the essential and not on consumeristic waste; The Bread that makes God present in the World, the Christian dimension expressed in the Holy Eucharist, from the nourishment of the Word and of the Bread of Life".

In a world in which too many suffer hunger and do not have access to drinking water, one cannot ignore further the urgency of finding, on a global level, the solutions to ensure eveything the right of sufficient nutrition, which is also safe and healthy, thus guaranteeing a sustainable future" declared Giuseppe Sala. "Expo Milano 2015 does not only want to be a showcase and is not concentrating its energies and resources in the contruction of architectural monuments: we want that from this event results an immediate legacy both immaterial and ethical, possibly of first priority, with new scenarios to face the nutrition challenges of the nex millenium. The themes of hunger, life, conviviality are all part of the action and teachings of the Holy See. This is why the Vatican's participation represents for us a great recognition and a fundamental contribution so that this Exhibition is truly, not only a reflection of the Countries, the international community and collective conscience, but also an answer to urgent questions for our future which can be no longer delayed".

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