31/03/2014Expo 2015

USA: “yes” to Expo Milano

USA at Expo 2015
USA at Expo 2015

The already rich parterre of Expo 2015 has been further enriched by the 147th participant. This is not just any Country: the United States have infact said YES to the Universal Exhibition, signing the participation contract. The announcement has been given directly by the American President Barack Obama, right after his meeting in Rome with the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Successively, the American Secretary of State John Kerry and the Commissioner for Expo Milano 2015 Giuseppe Sala met to elaborate the details of the American participation at the Universal Exhibition next year.

"Today, at 400 days from the opening of Expo 2015," declared Giuseppe Sala, "we received the good news of the signing of the contract of participation of the United States of America. Once again, thanks to the Italian Government and to the Prime Minister for their extraordinary work for the great event of 2015." The American Pavillion, whose architectural concept - American Food 2.0 - recalls the structure of a granary, and will develop the theme "Nurture the Planet, Energy for Life" in an innovative way, so as to offer visitors the solutions and the instruments that are able to answer two of the main challenges with which the world population has to deal with daily: nutrition safety and the promotion of healthy life-styles, arguments on which Obama's administration has been very sensible throughout the years.

Diversity and responsibility are the pillars on which the presence of the United States of America will lean on at Expo Milano 2015. These are the elements to be enhanced both with technological equipment in the Pavillion as well as through events, conventions and appointments that will animate the exhibition space. At the basis is the idea that food becomes a universal language and that the future of nutrition depends on political, diplomatic, social and technological capabilities to resolve in a creative way all problems related to world-wide nutrition issues.

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