5/03/2014Expo 2015

Expo, 4,000 events expected in six months

Federcongressi&eventi meeting
Federcongressi&eventi meeting

Good news and most of all rosy perspectives for the meeting industry professionals: here is an extreme synthesis of the information diffused during the recent convention Towards Expo 2015 - a great event as driving force for events, promoted by the Lombard delegation of Federcongressi&eventi, organised with the patronage of the Province of Milan and Expo 2015.

In detail, the words of Giovanni Sacripante, sales, marketing, business development and ticket manager Expo 2015, are positive, when he states that "the success of Expo depends on how we will link the event to Italian excellencies, some of which are universally acclaimed. Three in particular: food (and Expo is a food event), culture and tourism. In those six months Italy will be the center of the world, and things are already going very well, because we have already 142 participating Countries. We can compare Expo Milan with Expo Shanghai, which was an enormous success, with 70 million visitors, but in China there were only 40 Countries who had their own Pavillion, in Milan they will be more than 70, and to do this they will invest in Italy between 1 billion and one and a half billion Euros. The other fundamental element are the private companies. One: because these companies' storytelling means the storytelling of Expo in terms of sustainability and innovation. Two: because to date we have gathered the sum of about 350 million Euros. In China 50 million Dollars were gathered. In 2020 in Dubai, were the next Expo will be held, the declared objective is to reach 180 million Dollars in fund raising. Therefore Dubai and Shanghai together will total together what Italy has already done on its own. The last, fundamental element are the visitors: 20 million objective and at least 20% of these will visit twice, therefore we are speaking of 24 million visits."

As far as opportunities for companies, "the official partners invest more than three million euros, the premium partners over 10 million and the global partners from 20 million upwards. And we will organise over 4,000 events within the exhibition pavillion: within some weeks we will publish on our website the guide and call for tenders. We will have a competition to look for services, content provider, organisers etc. And we will choose based not only on the economic proposal but also technical".

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