15/04/2014Expo 2015

Expo, the Obama-Renzi effect unleashes optimism

Matteo Renzi and Barack Obama
Matteo Renzi and Barack Obama

Not only the Italians' interest towards Expo  is increasing, with a boom of 50% in just one month, but even optimism is growing, showing 69,2% of Italians and 58,7% of Milanese (+13,6% in a month) with positive attitudes. The credit for this wind of these "high spirits" is mainly due to the "Obama and Renzi" effect, or rather to the declarations of these leaders about the event. The optimism is increasingly motivated by "international partnerships", linked to the visit by the President of the USA, from 40 to 47% in Milan and from 54 to 56% in Italy. The other motivation is the increasing tourism prospective (+3,2% in Milan). 

Here is the main data that has emersed from an anaylsis by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan through Voices from the Blogs, the spin-off of the Università degli Studi of Milan, and carried out online throughout the month of March. "Almost a year away from its inauguration in 2015, Expo is increasingly conquering the interest of the Italians and consequently that of the world. - declared Carlo Sangalli, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan - The Universal Exhibition has to become a concrete and visible symbol to an economical and moral relaunch of our Country. We can do it. The visit by the Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, is a strong and positive signal which increases the perception of the centrality of this very important event. But, aboveall, it is a breath of trust for our companies that are investing and that will invest in the Universal Exhibition. "

Just as interesting is the turnover of Expo Milano 2015 on the economy of Milan: 102 thousand work places will be open, 27 thousand in the rest of Lombardy for a national total of 191 thousand.

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