3/04/2014Expo 2015

Expo, here is the catalogue to create contacts between participants and suppliers

Expo catalogue
Expo catalogue

A tool to support the participating Countries at the Universal Exhibition in their planning, construction and set up of the pavillions. This is the aim of the Catalogue for Participants at Expo Milano 2015, designed by the company Expo 2015 with the collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and the main national and regional Catogory Associations.

The Catalogue will be a virtual market place, based on an online platform, which aims to get participants in contact with the potential supplier companies for goods and services. "The body of Milanese and Italian companies has a concrete tool in hand with the Catalogue to take advantage of the economic requests generated from the Universal Exhibition - explains Erica Corti, member of the council of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan - During a roadshow we will present businesses the advantages of the Catalogue from a corporate marketing but also from a territorial point of view. A research by the Chamber of Commerce and Expo estimates 24 billion turn-over expected from the event and 190 thousand extra work units to be created during the period between 2012-2020."

The comment by Piero Galli, General Director Event Management Division of Expo 2015 Spa, is also positive: "The Catalogue for Participants is a unique dialogue platform between Countries and Italian companies. For the companies of our Country it represents the main access to the world of Expo Milano 2015, an occasion to market their products and experience outside national territorry. In this way the Universal Exhibition commits concretely to accomplishing its mission of growth booster:  showcase of excellences, Expo Milano 2015 intends giving a new boost to the initiative and to investments."

Promos, Special company of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, will co-ordinate the promotion of the Catalogue, involving the Chambers of Commerce of Lombardy and other Italian Regions, Category Associations, Professional Orders and the Global Partner of Expo 2015, Intesa Sanpaolo. Currently, over 500 companies have already registered, covering uniformly all the product sectors necessary.

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