19/05/2014Expo 2015

Expo, maintains trust

Expo 2015
Expo 2015

Expo, in good or bad, is the main theme of these days. At least on the net: just in the 4 days taken into consideration by the investigation - from the 8th to the 11th May - the Italians talk about it at least as much as all of the month of April, with about 44 thousand comments published on the subject.

However it maintains trust: in 59% of cases the Italians remain positive, even though less compared to the 66,6% of the month of April. Among the reasons for optimism in first place remains the international partnerships (56% of favourable comments, the same as in April). An increasing amount of optimistic expectations for events and tourism. Unchanged remains also the National pride, from 2% to 1,5%. Among the negative reasons, on the other hand, are increasingly organisational problems (from 10% to 16%), even though worries linked to possible delays are in still in first place (they go from 33,2% to 26,7%). The suspect of any risk of criminal infiltration does not increase (from 1,8% to 1,6%).

This positive data emerges from an analysis by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan through Voices from the Blogs, a spin off of the Università degli Studi of Milan. Fortunately, the positive effect about Expo linked to the intervention of the Government continues. Among those in favour of Expo, one on three owed it to the actions that have been already executed and are being brought forward.

"The cohesion that institutions are showing - declared Carlo Sangalli, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan - is very important for the successful development of Expo 2015. Today, the image and credibility of Milan and of Italy are at stake on an international level. The action taken by the Renzi Government together with the Anti-corruption Task force, thus, has been very welcome, and brought a renewed commitment, by everyone, to stay focused. The business world still believes and invests in the Universal Exhibition. We can make it. Expo, is a great economic opportunity but before that it symbolically represents the hope of overcoming this long crisis. We will not allow anyone to steal this hope from us."

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