23/05/2014Expo 2015

Alessandro Rosso Group will bring 750,000 Chinese visitors to Expo

Alessandro Rosso
Alessandro Rosso

An important achievement for Alessandro Rosso Group: 750,000 Chinese visitors will arrive to Italy thanks to the dedicated tourist packages dedicated to Expo Milano 2015 created by the Group in collaboration with the Chinese Company Boya Investment Consulting. The final aim is to bring a million Chinese to the Universal Exhibition. This aim has been reached thanks to an intense group work which has seen a close collaboration between Expo 2015 S.p.A. and its Authorised Reseller.

Alessandro Rosso Group, first authorised reseller in the world to sell packages inclusive of entrance ticket to Expo Milano 2015, has reached this exceptional result, a year away from the event, thanks to the support of Boya Investment Consulting, the Chinese society linked to the major Chinese tour operator and the Government.

"This operation is a great achievement, a testimony that Expo Milano 2015 is an important occasion for the whole of Europe, and represents a concrete sign of the touristic attractiveness of such an event in all the world. Reaching this target makes me very proud of having created an international group, which was born with the objective of being the ideal partner of client companies, today also in China. To collaborate with the protagonists of Expo Milano 2015 with the aim of bringing to Italy during the 184 days dedicated to the Universal Exhibition over 750,000 people from China confirms what potential our Italy has", states Alessandro Rosso, President of Alessandro Rosso Group.

"Our aim is to bring to Expo Milano 2015 over 20 million people, 6 - 8 million from abroad. The professionalism and experience with which our resellers promote the visit to Expo Milano 2015 will be decisive for make the Universal Exhibition a unique occasion for meetings and stimulating confrontation on the nutrition theme and on sustainability at an international level. In this sense the agreement reached with Alessandro Rosso Group represents an important contribution for the development of the Chinese market", says Piero Galli, General Director Events Management Division of Expo 2015 S.p.A.

"Expo Milano 2015 will be an occasion of rebirth for the entire touristic sector, with Italy at the center of global attention. Our Group is already in first line to propose itself as privileged interlocutor for this important international event. After the great consensus received with Expo Shanghai 2010, Alessandro Rosso Group is ready to deal with this new challenge", states Elisa Rosso, Expo Institutional Relations Manager for Alessandro Rosso Group.

"Alessandro Rosso Group believes in tourism declined in its every form and invests in this. From hotels to tour operators, from travel incentive to medical conventions, all with a common denominator: to be partner of the client at 360°. Expo Milano 2015 sees the Group as very strongly committed, ready to satisfy the clients' requests and be by their side to help them make the best out of this unique opportunity, with products and services that are adequate to their necessities", commented Daniele Rosso, CEO Alessandro Rosso Incentive.

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