6/05/2014Expo 2015

Expo in the City: a revenue of 2 billion for Milan

Expo in Citta'
Expo in Citta'

Alongside the countdown for the Universal Exhibition - a year - the Local Council and the Chamber of Commerce of Milan have presented "Expo in the City" and the program for "Expo in the City May 2014". The latter refers to over 130 events that will animate the streets, squares and areas, from the center to the suburbs, for thirty days, with high level shows. A sort of preview of what will happen in 2015.

The format of "Expo in the City" is a public-private operational partnership that will bring together the preparation and the promotion of the events that, for months, will make Milan and its territory the highlight of 2015, both for the Italians as well as for foreigners.

Anything connected to the Exhibition will have an important economic impact for the city: the impact of the Fuori Expo is infact calculated to be a production of an extra 2 billion euros and about 20 thousand occupations, as is highlighted by a research promoted by the Chamber of Commerce and by the Expo 2015 company and handed to a team of economic analysists. The logo "Expo in the City" will be the conducting line that will guide citizens and tourists - from the center to the suburbs to the hinterland - to the discovery of events of cultural and scientific interest. And it will do so starting from this month, with the launch of "Expo in the City May 2014".

"We are very happy of the initiative promoted by the Local Council of Milan an the Chamber of Commerce. With "Expo in the City", already from now, we are building and enriching the cultural, educational and entertainment offer that tourists and visitors will find within Expo Milano 2015. During the six months of the event the best of Milanese talents, from sports to culture, to fashion, will have the opportunity to express themselves, within and outside the exhibition site, in perfect harmony with the theme of Expo Milano 2015 "Feed the Planet, Energy for Life", explaiined the Commissioner for Expo Milano 2015, Giuseppe Sala.

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