17/06/2014Expo 2015

Expo, the Chinese Pavillion is revealed

China Pavillion
China Pavillion

An immense pavillion, naturally inspired to the Chinese tradition, and animated for six months by a rich calendar of events. This is the identikit of the Chinese Pavillion for Expo 2015, which has just been presented in Milan.

The space will be divided in 4 themes: the first is the sky in which will be represented the 24 phases of the lunar calendar that symbolise the harmony between man and nature. The second theme is specifically man, with different typical object that represent the different activities linked to agriculture and food, such as for example harvests, tea and rice. Proceeding with the land, with the different Chinese landscapes which will be presented on a screen and through multimedia instruments. Finally there is also harmony, with the equilibrium between nature and the research for a sustainable development.

Nature has always inspired the logo of the Pavillion: the mascots are two characters, "He-he" and "Meng-Meng". The Chinese ideograph "He" is made of two pittograms that represent, in Chinese culture, the relation between wheat and man, whereas "Meng" means to face the future.

"The participation of China is really extraordinary for its critical mass, but also and above all for its quality, a strong signal of the commitment of a great Country that wants to show and explain in detail its agriculture policy, history and the innovation of the future", declared Giuseppe Sala, Commissioner for the Italian Government for Expo Milano 2015. "I am sure that the Chinese will be one of the most succesful participations at Expo, and it will offer the Country a strategic opportunity to diffuse better its culrue and contribution to the great challenge of a sustainable development for future generations.”

Up till today 500,000 tickets have been sold to Chinese Tour Operators: half of the expected target of a million. "An important result - commented Sala - which brings us closer, 11 months away from the opening, to our objective to bring to Expo 1 million Chinese tourists in 2015."

Apart from the official Chinese Pavillion, there will also be that of Vanke, a Chinese leading multinational company dealing in real estate and of China Corporate United Pavillion (CCUP), which will bring together over 20 main companies of the Country. Even the events planned are many: theatrical performances, forums and seminars, cultural exchanges, activities with the aim of consolidating the co-operation between Italy and China on the themes of agriculture, nutrition and economy.

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