24/06/2014Expo 2015

Expo, The USA Pavillion events and services will be held at Uvet

Luca Patane', president of Uvet
Luca Patane', president of Uvet

Uvet, the tourism giant with a business revenue of 2,2 billion Euro, will manage exclusively the events and services of the American Pavillion of Expo 2015. The agreement has been signed by Uvet Inc. the new company of the Group which has offices in Chigaco and Friends of the U.S. Pavillion, the non-profit organisation represented in Italy by the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy that is curating the project of the pavillion.

Uvet, apart frmo the management of events, will also provide services for travel and hospitality, and will co-ordinate the staff employed in operative services of the facility.

"This prestigious agreement allows us to further widen the horizon of our business. We often refer to Expo 2015 as an important showcase for the Country and this great partnership in the management of some aspects of the American Pavillion is the right occasion to show the strength and added value of the Made in Italy. A way of sowing and reaping in long term even when Expo will be over" commented Luca Patanè, President of Uvet.

The American Pavillion, that will represent a lightly structured and welcoming granary, will follow the theme of Expo and will accompany visitors in an itinerary linked to sustainability. The narrative route will show the world the innovations promoted by the USA with regards nutritional safety, healthy life-style promotions and creative cooking. The Pavillion, privately financed for a total of 45 million dollars, will cover a surface of 3,000 meters squared and will employ during the six months of Expo about 100 operators a day.

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