25/06/2014Expo 2015

Universal Exhibition, foreigners are expotimistic

Expo 2015 Milano
Expo 2015 Milano

An increase in interest and confirmation of a positive feeling towards Expo by foreigners. This has been revealed by a research carried out by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan through Voices from the Blogs, spin off of the Università degli Studi of Milano carried out between November 2013 and May 2014 on comments on the net. 

Foreigners are optimistic in more than three cases on for (75,9%). The favoured themes are design, business and technology. The United States are the Country from which most comments have been generated, with over half of the published posts on the net, and New York is the city in which Expo 2015 has been mostly discussed during the time in consideration. Followed Dubai (this result is also linked to the assignment of Expo 2020 to the Emirate City), Los Angeles, Bruxelles, San Francisco, Madrid and Barcellona.

As anticipated, 3 comments on 4 are optimistic: the positive peak has been set in May with the position taken by the Prime Minister Renzi, testimonial of the event abroad. In brief, foreigners are in favour by 75.9%, and luckily negative comments do not exceed 28%.

Those who are mostly enthusiast of Expo 2015 are the BRIC, that is Brasil, Russia, India and China. In total, from these territories of a livlier economical growth than ours, an infusion of optimism is on its way with 83.3% of positive feelings.

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