27/06/2014Expo 2015

Alessandro Rosso Group is the official provider for the Chinese Pavillion at Expo 2015

China Pavillon
China Pavillon

A new winning move for Alessandro Rosso Group. The Milanese company has infact become the official provider for the Chinese Pavillion at Expo 2015 for events, DMC services, trips and hosting services. The appointment comes directly from the Chinese Council for International Commerce Promotion (CCPIT), also thanks to the agreement that has recently been signed to bring over 750,000 Chinese visitors.

The Chinese Pavillion at Expo 2015 will be an immense space and will be always "alive" for the whole six months running of the Exhibition. It will be divided into four themes: the first is the Sky in which will be depicted the 24 lunar calendar phases that symbolise the harmony between man and nature. The second theme is Man himself, with different typical objects that represent different activity linked to agriculture and food, such as produce, tea and rice. Following will be the Earth, with its different Chinese landscapes that will be presented on a screen, with multimedia instruments. Lastly comes harmony, with the balance between nature and research, for a sustainable development. And also Nature has inspired the logo of the Pavillion and the two mascott figures, "He-he" and "Meng-Meng".

"This operation is a great achievement that witnesses that Expo Milano 2015 is an important occasion for the whole of Europe, and is a concrete signal of the touristic atractivity that such an event has in all the world. Reaching this goal makes me proud of having created an international group, that was born with the intention of the being the ideal partner of client companies, now also in China. Being recognised as the official provider for a Country such as China for such an important appointment at an economic and logisitic level gives added value to the work carried out by our entire team, for a unique international showcase. Collaborating with the main players of Expo Milano 2015 with the aim of bringing to Italy during the 184 days dedicated to the Universal Exhibition, over 750,000 Chinese people shows me how much potential this has for Italy", emphasises Alessandro Rosso, President of Alessandro Rosso Group.

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