4/06/2014Expo 2015

Expo, Italian Pavillion: this is how it is going to be

Palazzo Italia at Expo 2015
Palazzo Italia at Expo 2015

The exhibition itinerary of the Italy Pavillion at Expo 2015 and the programme of initiatives inspired by the theme "Italian Nursery" has been presented at the Triennale, in Milan. The theme "Feed the Planet, Energy for Life" will be declined in Nutrition-Health-Wellbeing, the absolute values that the world recognises as being deeply embodied in the tradition and economic development of Italy. Along this route a grid of contents is being constructed according to an edutainment logic, that can be attractive to the estimated public of 20 million of visitors, and at the same time is able of conveying messages of a scientific, political and cultural nature with rigor and high profile.

Marco Balich, Artistic Director of the Italian Pavillion and President of Balich Worldwide Shows, has presented the contents of the Italian Pavillion inspired to the concept of the Nursery, the metaphore that Italy has chosen to answer to the challenge of Expo 2015. "We have related to you what will soon become our Home, the home of the Italian identity", confirmed Balich. "The Italian Pavillion will be a large space, rich of stimuli on the themes of the Universal Exhibition. It will be the work on the Italian identity and the powers that we want to express in a tension that looks prevalently towards the future. We wanted to imagine the Italian Pavillion as a fun trip through places, stories, tales, challenges with a desire of imparting emotions to everyone, and to stimulate thought on the role of Italy in the world: our objective is to instill a sentiment of pride for our Country." "Those who will come to visit us, will also see our icon: a grand structure that represents The Tree of Life, a tree that gathers our best seeds and takes them high, to offer to the whole world" concluded the artistic director.

Balich also revealed that the itinerary that the visitors will follow along the "Cardo", a paved avenue 35 meter wide by 325 meters long that will host a myriad of activities that represent the variety and richness of Italy. The "Cardo" will host: a light and "intelligent" installation, that can be viewed also in an app, that will guide to the discovery of the riches of the Pavillion; 6 stations-stops, designed by Dante Ferretti, with ingredients-icons from an Italian recipe; a sculpture/installation that depicts the mouth of a man, the entrance to the exhibition on the theme of "food of desire", which will offer an in-depth analysis of the relation between food-nutrition-health-wellness. 

Balich has also revealed the contents of the exhibition route of Palazzo Italia, in which the visitor will be able to understand and explore the essence of the meaning of the Italian identity. In this itinerary the visitor will be able to admire works of art such as "La Vucciria" by Renato Guttuso, scultpures and installations that evoke the four Italian powers:

- the power of know-how: an interactive show that relates the men and women involved, every day, in making our Country rich and productive;
- the power of beauty: tourism, quality of life, Italian landscapes;
- the power of limit: stories of people, normal and extraordinary, who have won battles against small and large adversities, transforming obstacles in ideas that will change our future;
- the power of the future: a greenhouse of Italian biodiversity, where every seed relates an identity story and vegetable richnesses

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