10/07/2014Expo 2015

Expo, bread and multimedia: this is the European Union Pavillion

UE Pavillion
UE Pavillion

Bread, its history and its forms, from its origins to current days, declined according to the traditions of the 21 European Countries that participate in Expo. This will be the common theme of the pavillion through which the European Union presents itself at Expo 2015. A Pavillion that will be the background of the history of the European Union, narrated by two virtual characters, Alex the farmer and Silvia the researcher, who, with the aid of multimedia films and exagerated reality will show the public the current and future nutritional policies.

The project has been presented in Milan by Diana Bracco, President of Expo 2015 Spa and General Commissioner of the Italian Pavillion and Davide Wilkinson, General Commissioner for the EU participation at Expo 2015. "For us - says Wilkinson - this is a reason of pride and of great political relevance to present the contribution of the European Union to the solution of the themes of Expo and therefore how to guarantee a healthy and sustainable nutrition. The theme of our Pavillion looks to the future and to young people, so as to cultivate together the future of Europe and a better world."

The exhibition space of the EU will have a surface of 1,900 meters square, distributed on three levels, within the Italian Pavillion. The ground floor will host the exhibition itinerary for visitors. On the first floor there will be a conference room with one hundred seats for events and discussions on the themes of the Expo organised in collaboration of the 21 European Countries present at Expo. On the second floor, a terrace overlooking the lake where the tree of life will come out of and from where will be possible to assist at Expo events.

"We expect - emphasises Wilkinson - about 20 million visitors. This will be one of the most important communication campaigns ever organised for the European Union. The aim is to show what Europe does for its citizens and to transmit, through emotions, a message of trust and long vision."

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