16/07/2014Expo 2015

Expo, works on the Czech Pavillion have started: water is the main theme

Czech Pavilion
Czech Pavilion

After the official hand-over of the land plot to the General Commissioner of the Czech Republic for Expo Milano 2015, Jirí Frantisek Potužník, everything is ready for the works to begin. The Country's Pavillion, 550 meters squared wide will be built in modules, following the project of the Architectural Studio Chybik&Krystof. Simultaneously the production of the modules will commence in the city of Vizovice and will be then tranported to Milan and essembled, between September and October, in just six weeks.

Water will be the chosen theme for the Czech Republic for its participation at Expo 2015. Perfectly aligned with the theme Feed the Planet, Energy for Life, the concept of the Czech Pavillion is ambitious and hi-tech. "Our Pavillion will be the only one, among the Pavillions of Expo Milano 2015, to be surrounded on two sides by the canal that flows in the exhibition site apart from hosting a large basin" says the General Comminissioner of the Czech Representation. He adds: "Water is not just the symbol of the Czech Republic, a breakwater Country for Europe, but also the element that has modelled the shape of our regions and our cities: we thought it was important for it to become an integral part of the Universal Exhibition, allowing us to present to the world our best patents, among which are nanotechnologies applied to the purification of waters, in line with the theme of Expo Milano."

Another fundamental characteristic of the Pavillion is its low environmental impact and above all its "recycability": after Milan, the structure will return to its host Country where it will become a modular pre-school, whereas the swimming pool will become part of a recovery project of Prague's embankments.

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