25/07/2014Expo 2015

For Expo, Milan puts everyone on bicycle


The objective, to make Expo Milan the main city in the world to boast an integrated bikesharing system. A goal that can be reached thanks to the agreement that has just been signed between the Mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia, and the Minister for the Environment, Gian Luca Galletti. In virture of the agreement, to the 199 parking stations already available for bike sharing by the Milanese BikeMi will be added another 80 new stations and 1,000 bicycles, with an assisted pedal system, will arrive in the city, for a total of 3,500 bikes. The new parking stations and the thousand battery-operated bicycles will be made available for all visitors wanting to reach comfortably the Expo site, avoiding traffic jams and parking problems.

The financing of the Ministry for the Environment is for over 4 million Euros. The project has the objective of increasing a new type of urban, sustainable and clean mobility favouring ever more the commitment towards daily routines that respect the environment through, for example, the reduction of gas emissions with greenhouse effect.

The Minister Galletti emphasises: "I am happy to conclude my Milanese tournée by signing this agreement. We have already done a lot in Italy to diminish the emissions of Co2 and one of the levers on which we need to insist upon is that of the reduction of traffic and polluting vehicles. I find that the system adopted by Milan is innovative and is to be exported to other realities." Milan, with its plan for integrated bike sharing, thanks also to the Expo showcase, becomes a model of sustainability to replicate throughout the whole Country.

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