16/09/2014Expo 2015

The debut of OpenExpo, the “trasparency” of the Universal Exhibition


Expo has no secrets: OpenExpo has infact arrived, the online platform that allows everyone - participating Countries' delegates, operators, just for curiosity - to know all about the Universal Exhibition, in an absolutely transparent way.

OpenExpo, created on a platform created by Wikitalia, makes available all the data on the entrustment of goods, services and on the percentages of advancement of the works on the building sites. Moreover it will be possible to download or navigate some datasets. The data is also developed in the form of dynamic info graphics which are constantly updated and allow anyone to have a clear and immediate idea on the state of the works and, more generally, of the ongoing of the whole event.

The project, presented in Rome, starts frmo a section of the website of the Transparent Administration: illustrating it was the State Commissioner of Expo Milano 2015 Giuseppe Sala, the President of Wikitalia Riccardo Luna, the Director of the Italia Digitale Agency Alessandra Poggiani and Professor Giovanni Menduni of the Milan Politecnic. There was also the intervention of the Minister of Agriculture, Foods and Forests Maurizio Martina and the MInister for Simplification and Public Administration Marianna Madia.

"Today - said the Commissioner Sala - the promise is to update rapidly the platform, which will successively contain data regarding the ongoing of the semester." For the Minister Madia this is a project "that will help us regain trust with the citizens who in these years have been worn out by political parties and governments. To regain this - she explained - one must use the new technologies."

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