4/09/2014Expo 2015

Expo, 5 million tickets already sold

Giuseppe Sala
Giuseppe Sala

The entrance tickets for Expo Milano 2015 sold all over the world are already more than 5 million, according to Giuseppe Sala, Commissioner for Expo Milano 2015.

"It is extremely important - he added - that three of these five million have been sold in the Middle East. We are now very close to the goal of one million tickets sold in China, an objective that we have set on ourselves a year ago." With regards to works on the construction site, Sala has also declared that "70% of the works has been finished." Precisely for this reason, it is ever more urgent to put together the "team" of voluteers that will be supporting the organisation. 10,000 volunteers are infact needed, that is, 450 volunteers daily for shifts of 15 days. "We have already received 7,700 candidatures, more women than men, from over 85 different Countries" added Sala.

Even as far as participating Countries, there is good news: the latest signature is that of the Sultanate of Brunei which has just signed the contract to have an exhibition space within the pavillion dedicated to Spices, a space of 375 metres squared distributed over two floors. To date, there are 147 official participants to the Exhibition which will open on the 1st May 2015 in Milan.

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