8/09/2014Expo 2015

Expo Milano, a grand style ceremony for the Chinese Pavillion

Expo, China Pavilion
Expo, China Pavilion

Official ceremony and in grand style for the advancement of the works above-ground for the Chinese Pavillion at Expo Milano 2015, situated just in the centre of the Universal Exhibition. It is ought to mention that this is the first time that China participates at a Universal Exhibition overseas, with a self-built pavillion of 4,590 metres squared, second only to the German one.

The host of honour was Zhao Zhenge, Vice Secretary General of the organisation committee of the Chinese Pavillion and Vice Director General of the Exhibitions deptarment of the CCPIT; Giuseppe Sala, the Italian State Commissioner for Expo 2015; Liao Juhua, General Consul for the People's Republic of China in Milan; Li Bin, Commercial Counsellore for the People's Republic of China in Milan; Meng Wenhui, Executive Director of the International Chamber of Commerce of China; representatives of society responsible for the construction of the Chinese Pavillion (Unique Exhibition Co. Ltd, and Bodino Engineering S.r.l) and Alessandro Rosso, President of his namesake Group.

Giuseppe Sala, State Commissioner for Expo Milano 2015, declared: "China has revealed to be one of the major partners of the Universal Exhibition of Milan: we have reached our target of 1 million tickets sold to Chinese tour operators and surely, with its three Pavillions, the Country will be among those who has most invested in our event. The projects presented and the interpretations of the theme are of very high profile and offer visitors an unforgettable edutainment experience full of contents and of extraordinary interest." The Chinese Pavillion will have a design inspire to the tradition Chinese architectural forms and buildings, without overlooking more modern lines, and will have the theme of "Land of Hope, Food for Life".

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